Diamond Bingo

Diamond Bingo is an exciting and tantalizing theme pattern nearly who participates in 75 Ball Bingo enjoys playing. There are three variations to this design: 1. Diamond (solid) – 13 covered spaces with the free space centered and each point touching the edge of the card; 2. Diamond Inside – 5 covered spaces with the free space in the center and one space directly north, east, south, and west; and 3. Diamond Outline – 8 covered spaces depicting the outline of the diamond solid pattern.

The diamond sign is often considered a symbol for clarity, wisdom, and rising above everything. It is considered the pinnacle or ultimate gem stone to possess. In reality, it seems logical to assume the diamond possesses its’ owner, not the other way around. A symbol of perfection, obtaining a diamond or giving one is the highest form of expressing love, wealth, and prosperity. For those lucky enough to be born under the sign of Aries, the diamond gemstone institutes the ability to find and garner wealth and remove clutter.

Diamonds are also a symbol of eternal love and devotion. Giving a diamond ring to your loved one is a precious gift that lasts a lifetime. Being able to express your love with a perfect gemstone highlights the perfection of your love and relationship. No wonder so many bingo contestants love playing Diamond Bingo.

Joining a session of Diamond Bingo brings a fast-paced round regardless of the design pattern being used. The solid diamond pattern requires the most spaces covered, however it does include the free space within its design. The amount of playing time is less due to the possibility of winning within such a short number of draws – 12 for Diamond solid; 4 for Diamond inside; and 8 for Diamond outline. The smaller the number of covered spaced needed, the quicker the game plays.

Diamonds are exquisite, simple, and breathtaking all at once. So too is the game of Diamond Bingo. Sessions roll along at breakneck speed thus adding to the thrill and excitement of the game and the atmosphere within the room. This is true whether being played in-person or online. In fact, online Diamond Bingo tends to display as much of an adrenaline rush as sitting in the bingo parlor. Maybe it’s the fast pace or the ability to win quickly. It could be that everyone wants to have a diamond and this is a fun way to win one.