Lucky 7 Bingo

Lucky 7 Bingo is considered one of the more popular games, whether played online or in-person. The reason is simple – the number seven. It has always symbolized good fortune and luck, so it is only natural for people to gravitate towards it. In fact, practically everywhere you look, the number seven is being displayed and/or utilized as a sign of winning and a sign of life.

There are 7 days in a week. According to the Bible, it took God 7 days to create the world. In the game of Craps, rolling a number 7 with the dice is an instant winner. Many slot machines use triple 7’s as the jackpot. A touchdown and extra point conversion in football is 7 points. James Bond’s secret agent number is 007. The BMW 7 series is the German automobile manufacturer’s premier or flagship vehicle. Many people often choose the number 7 as their personal lucky number. There are seven deadly sins (greed, pride, avarice, impurity, envy, anger, and laziness) and seven perfect virtues (faith, hope, love, force, justice, prudence, and temperance).

There are basically two forms or types of patterns used for Lucky 7 Bingo – creating a number 7 within the game card and using a special “write-in” card with 7 spaces. In the traditional form, the number seven is created by covering all five spaces across the top of the card and then covering the remaining four spaces as you go down diagonally from right to left. The free space is utilized and the top right corner anchors the two rows together to equal a total of 9 covered spaces for “bingo”.

The “write-in” form of Lucky 7 Bingo is unlike any other game and offers a new form of excitement for the participants. Each player is given a slip of paper with seven blank boxes for them to write in any combination of numbers between 1 and 75 without repeating them. The caller begins to shout out the number drawn and the players mark off their numbers as they are called. The winner is the first one to have all seven of their numbers covered.

There is just something very magical and mystical about winning a session of Lucky 7 Bingo. The number has intrigued and fascinated people for thousands of centuries and it continues to enjoy a robust and successful turn as the luckiest number. Lucky 7 Bingo is often played at both in-person and online games and usually garners a larger winner’s jackpot than the traditional form of Bingo.