Delaware Bingo Halls

Delaware may not have that many bingo halls throughout the state, but playing bingo is still popular. Many residents of Delaware enjoy playing bingo, but there aren’t too many Delaware bingo halls for players to visit. We’re going to take a look at some of the regulations that need to be followed in Delaware in order to operate a bingo hall legally plus we’re going to show you where you can play bingo in the state of Delaware.

Is Bingo Legal in Delaware

Playing bingo is legal in Delaware, but only if the bingo games are hosted for charitable purposes. In order to run a bingo game the operator needs to have never been convicted of a crime and the proceeds from the bingo game must benefit the charity that the bingo game is earning money for. There are some rules that players should also know about and we’re going to take a look at some of the regulations below.

One of the rules that is important to know is that the maximum prize pool is $1250 for a single day and the maximum prize pool for a single bingo game is $250. The maximum prize pool for a single bingo game is much lower in Delaware than in other states and many players don’t like that the maximum win is only $250. By only being able to offer $250 in prize money per bingo game you can only win a small amount of money playing bingo in a Delaware bingo hall.

Delaware is one of the states that have also legalized instant bingo, which is similar to playing a scratchcard. Instant bingo is very fun to play because it offers the players a chance to win money instantly. Prizes are small and you can’t win much money from the instant bingo games in Delaware bingo halls, but they’re a lot of fun to play and completely legal in the state of Delaware.

Delaware Bingo Delaware (DE) Bingo Halls

  • Providence Creek Academy Bingo in Clayton, Delaware – 355 Duck Creed Road – (302-312-6799)
  • Fornier Bingo Hall in Wilmington, Delaware – Howland St & Lincoln – (302-421-3700)
  • Elks Dodge Bingo in Dover, Delaware – 1035 Forrest Ave – (302-674-9788)
  • Aetna Fire Hall Bingo in Newark, Delaware – 400 Ogletown Road – (302-454-3305)
  • Elks Bingo in Seaford, Delaware – State Road 46 – (302-629-2458)

Delaware Online Bingo Halls

Playing Online Bingo in Delaware

There are numerous reasons to play online bingo if you live in Delaware. First off, there aren’t that many Delaware bingo halls, so unless you live close to one of the bingo halls you won’t be able to play. Another reason to play online bingo is because you can win huge prizes of up to $10,000 while playing online bingo compared to the $250 while playing in Delaware bingo halls.

Bingo players will also have the benefit of earning bingo bonuses when they choose to play with an online US bingo hall. Bingo halls that operate online need to offer bonuses and huge promotions to attract players and you’ll find that playing online has much more potential to earn you a big payday.