Florida Bingo Halls

Florida is a very popular state for bingo due to the fact that the state has a lot of retired people looking for things to do. Bingo is one of the most social games you can play and it’s completely legal in Florida. Bingo halls in Florida need to be sponsored by a charity and the bingo hall also needs to be operated by a member of the organization. Continue reading below to find out where to play bingo in Florida and some of the regulations that charitable bingo halls in Florida need to follow in order to remain legal.

Is Bingo Legal in Florida

Florida bingo halls need to be operated by a charitable organization only. Some of the Indian tribes in Florida run bingo games in their casinos that don’t need to follow the same regulations that Florida bingo halls need to follow. For instance, in a Florida bingo hall the maximum prize for a single bingo game is $250 whereas bingo games in the casinos in Florida have huge jackpots. You can also play online bingo to have the chance to win massive jackpots while playing bingo.

In Florida the bingo halls are also allowed to run instant bingo games. Instant bingo is just like a scratchcard and offers bingo players at the bingo hall the ability to win money instantly. The maximum cost that a Florida bingo hall can charge for an instant bingo ticket is $1 and the prizes vary depending upon how many tickets are produced. The prizes are always listed on the instant bingo cards in Florida, so you always know exactly how much you can win before buying the scratch ticket.

There are over a hundred bingo halls in Florida in many different counties. Some of the most popular places to play bingo in Florida include Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Kissimmee, Miami, Palatka, Panama City and Sarasota. You can play bingo all over the state of Florida and there aren’t rules limiting how often bingo halls are open like in some states. Keep in mind that you can only win up to $250 in a bingo game at Florida bingo halls although you can win more in casinos on the reserve.

Florida Bingo Florida (FL) Bingo Halls

  • Dixie Bingo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 5065 Dixie Hwy – (954-491-6000)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo in Hollywood, Florida – 600 Knights Road – (954-981-5406)
  • Ribault Lions Club in Jacksonville, Florida – 2040 Riverview St – (904-768-9742)
  • Elks Bingo in Orlando, Florida – 12 Primrose Ave – (407-894-1079)
  • Busch Bingo in Tampa, Florida – 4962 East Busch Blvd – (813-985-3900)

Florida Online Bingo Halls

Playing Online Bingo in Florida

Since the prize pools are limited in Florida bingo halls some players might prefer playing in an online bingo hall. You can play from the comfort of your own home 24/7 and you’ll have the chance to play against more players, which means bigger prizes. There are a number of US bingo halls where Florida residents can play and earn great bonuses while doing so.